Thursday, August 18, 2011

Freebie Friday (I Mean Thursday)

School started a week and a half ago. I have sorely neglected my Blogroll, but I have sincerely enjoyed being back at school. I have the most delightful class this year. I didn't realize what a rowdy bunch I have had for the last two years, so even though my class is MUCH larger than usual it still seems calmer. Last year at this time I had 10 first and second grade students for my reading and language arts block.  By the end of the year I had 12. Right now I have 17 (which is sure to be 20 by the end of the year as more kiddos qualify for special education.)

Despite my class size,  I am loving my group. I keep telling them that I have a secret: I have the best class in the whole school, which they of course think is great. I also have a hilarious new student. He is very low, but super sweet. You are sure to here many funny things that he says throughout the year.  The other day I asked him what month it was. He told me Monday. When I reminded him that Monday was a day of the week he said, "Ah, man! I missed it again. My mom's gonna fire me!" I lost it.

I hope that your first days of school have been as enjoyable as mine. So here is a little back to school gift from me to you. By request, it's a short vowel word sort. I did include a recording sheet for the kiddos. I hope you like it.



Kinderpond said...

I don't know if the students I have now, will even know what a chalkboard is!!!!


Hadar said...

haha! One of my students a couple of years ago totally pulled the Monday as his favorite month shenanigans! Kids are the best :)


Majid Ali said...

Please for Christ sake help this poor boy from Haiti

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