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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Win Win

My kiddos are always begging me to read to the class. They like sitting in my rocker and having all eyes on them. But this can be hard to manage. I don't want to require anyone to do it, but I also wanna be fair to those who do. So I thought that I would use this as a motivational tool.  I sometimes have a hard time getting homework turned in on time in the morning. It has to travel from me, back to their gen ed teacher, make it in their back back, go home, be completed, make it back to school, and THEN they have to remember to bring it from their regular classroom back to me first thing in the morning. Pretty complicated. I already use a sticker chart for motivation, but I will add this to the mix. Hopefully it will encourage them to bring their homework back AND get them to practice reading fluently. Win, win.

 Here is the read to the class ticket.

I also made a few other reward certificates. 


Give one to your little cuties to make their day.