Friday, December 16, 2011

Snowy Syllables

I am so very ready for Christmas break, but our last day is TUESDAY. I am sure that Monday and Tuesday will be the longest days eeeeeverrrrr. Monday will be chock full of Grinch themed activities. Tuesday is Polar Express Day. The kids can wear their pajamas to school. We will watch the movie and have hot chocolate. Hopefully that will give me some time to get things ready for our return in January. I just finished up a syllables center activity that we will use when we come back.Click below to download.

Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing break. See you next year.


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Free Christmas Sentence Scramble

Christmas is in there air. I have a tree up in my classroom with ornaments that I purchased a few years ago from Kmart that are pink erasers, pencils, apples and coffee mugs with D'nelean handwriting on them. Adorable. My kiddos have made the traditional red and green patterned chains that we have draped across the room.

This week in class we read many versions of the Gingerbread man story and compared and contrasted them. This week we are going to read Santa's Stuck and write about how to help Santa get unstuck from the chimney. It should be fun. Lots to squeeze in before the break.

I am also going to add this little activity to my centers rotation  next week. It is a Christmas themed sentence scramble activity with a recording sheet.
I hope you guys are enjoying the Christmas season as much as I am. Have a great weekend.