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Friday, February 22, 2013

February Top 5 & Freebie Motherload

Things have been going well. Does anyone else get a little nervous when things go too well. Rather than wait for the other shoe to drop I thought it may be a better use of my time to share the five best things from this month.

5. Dental Health: So I've always avoided dental health in my little resource room. I assumed that the kids wouldn't find the topic interesting and that I wouldn't be providing any new information. I was wrong. (My husband has been waiting years to hear those words!) Many students did not know that they should brush their teeth before coming to school and going to bed. Most had family members with missing teeth.  I was so glad that we talked  about it. Plus, we were able to make this cute little craft to go with our writing. Adorable!

(Photo courtesy of Lesson Plan Diva)

4. We have masted addition (cue the halleluiah choir) and are working on mastery of subtraction Please enjoy this pirate themed subtraction game to play with your scallywags. Students take turns drawing subtraction cards. If they get it correct, they keep the card. There are also action cards mixed in (lose a turn, take a card from a friend, etc.) Play as long as time allows. The child with the most at the end of play wins.

3. Things are smooth sailing with my student with autism. He is finding his routine and we thoroughly enjoy having him. I have grown very attached to him in such a short period of time. He calls me Unger. So cute!

2. I had the best Valentine's Day ever. My husband, who is pretty much the best person I know, surprised me with concert tickets to see my favorite band The Avett Brothers. Does anyone else know them?  They just happened to be playing three hours away on Valentines Day. It was a late night, but so very worth being tired the next day.

As far as school goes, I made the superdy-duper-cutest Valentines Day noun/verb/adjective sort. I'm feeling givey (pretty sure that's not really a word) so click below to grab your copy to stash away for next year.
 1. Only twenty days until Spring Break, and I'm going to see Mickey Mouse with my bestie from work and our families.

So, what's the best thing that's happened to you lately?

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fall Leaves Word Sort

As I headed out with Hubs for an 11 mile training run this morning (in preparation for the Indianapolis Monumental Half Marathon on November 3) something really strange happened: I mean, at all. There was no gas in the tank. I wanted to lay down in a big colorful pile of leaves and take a nap. Sooooo, my 11 mile run turned into a 5 mile walk. I started to beat myself up about it, but then decided to enjoy the beautiful scenery and some alone time to hubby instead.

This morning's pitiful display change in plans gave me a chance to update my blog and share a fall leaves short e word sort center that I made last week. It includes a recording sheet.  Happy fall!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Even/Odd Christmas Freebie

I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving break. I have been so.incredibly.busy. I ran a Give Thanks 4 Mile Race to benefit charity on Thursday morning, had a great dinner with family, braved the crowds for Black Friday, wrapped many gifts and went to see the Muppet movie with the kids last night. I can't believe it's  already back to school tomorrow. My laundry and my blog were both sorely neglected this week. Why don't we take care of the blog thing right now, shall we?

For your downloading pleasure I have a cute little even and odd sorting activity. Students sort the ornaments by even or odd and put them on the appropriate Christmas tree. A recording sheet is included.

You guys have yourselves a great final hours of vacation.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Stocking Subtraction

I must admit, I was in a creative slump for awhile. Nothing seemed to inspire me (educationally speaking.) Then, eureka! I found the most adorable clip art (from Goodness and Fun on Etsy) and now I can't seem to stop producing printables for your downloading pleasure. Today I have stocking subtraction for you guys, but you should check back often 'cause more is on the way kids.  For this center, the kiddos have to match the stocking to the fireplace that has the correct difference written on it. I've included a recording sheet ( if you're into that kind of thing). My guys loved this one. Hope yours do too.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Christmas Spirit Freebie

I know there are still two weeks until Thanksgiving, but I have already been putting my game plan in place for Black Friday shopping. Who's with me? With fall yard work complete (thanks to the help of my indentured servants children) I am now ready to put up my Christmas tree. I am of the opinion that if I am going to go to all of the trouble to decorate, I should be able  to enjoy it as long as possible. I LOVE sitting by the tree with the fire place on sipping hot cocoa. My favorite.

To get myself in the Christmas spirit I whipped up a little addition activity with the cutest gingerbread clip art from Goodness and Fun. She is having a sale on Etsy right now; if you buy two, you get two free. Love.

Is anyone else getting into the Christmas spirit yet?


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Powerpoint Love (and a freebie)

I am so totally in love with Powerpoint. For so long I have been fighting with Word to make my activities. So much easier with PP. It's like it instinctively knows what I want to do and makes it easier. Which is why I whipped up this little pumpkin alphabet activity in no.time.flat. Seriously. Hope you guys can use.

 P.S. I plan on posting a pumpkin place value center later this week. Have a good one guys.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Yee Haw! Ow/Ou Cowboy Freebie

Howdy partners! Breaking 200 followers took me by surprise. LOVE.YOU.GUYS. I am honored to be part of this amazing community of teachers. You guys have inspired me, and my kiddos are reaping the reward. Okay, enough sappiness. On with the goodies. Here's a cute little ou/ow word  and picture match for ya! Happy Hump Day.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Early Bird Posts the Printable

Since this weekend is going to be super busy (egg hunts, birthday parties and my daughter's prom.) In typical Type A fashion,  I though I should go ahead and make my usual weekend post now. I always prefer to work ahead of schedule (not that it always hardly ever works out for me that way!) This week my second graders are working on identifying base words and affixes. I though this would be the perfect opportunity to use the super-cute frog graphics I have been holding on to. Just print, laminate and cut out. Students simply match the word to the affix and then record their work on the included recording sheet. Have a great weekend everybody!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Today Was a Good Day

So today was the best Monday ever. During my lunch/prep time (they bleed together because I ALWAYS work through lunch even though I know I shouldn't.) I glanced over at my desk to see two envelopes. "What could this be?" I wondered to myself. I quickly ripped open the first to find A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Okay, so I know that he didn't really send it to me, but still it's pretty cool to get something from the White House.

You see, way back in February I had the kiddos write to the President in honor of Presidents Day. I wasn't sure if we would hear back from him, but it was worth a try. Not only did we get a response we received two full color photographs. One was of the President and one was of him with his family. If you guys haven't ever done this, I highly recommend it. I can't wait to show the kids tomorrow morning. They are going to go nuts!

So after carrying on for a good five minutes over my letter from the President I decide to finally open the second envelope on my desk. I ripped it open, and inside was a check for $93. In January I applied for a mini-grant for some read-alongs for my listening center. I had given up hope on the funding, so I am so totally psyched. 

Yes, today was a good day.  So to share the love I am posting my most recent word/picture match. You may have noticed that I REALLY like word/picture matches and you might wonder why. Well, my students are reluctant readers. Things like word sorts really do not require students to use their decoding skills. If I throw a recording sheet in there, I can easily tell my they are doing with the new phonics skills. Secondly, it takes a considerable amount of time for them to learn a new procedure or activity. They do well with routine. So if they know exactly what is expected of them (ie a familiar task) life in the room goes much smoother. So without further ado, I present Hot Popcorn (an or word and picture match).

Friday, April 8, 2011

Geometric Solids and Money Honey

Teaching multiple grade levels can get a little tricky. This week I dove into the world of geometric solids AND counting money. I was a tad concerned with the geometric solids. I had never covered this topic before as our previous adoption didn't touch it. Here is what we did.

Monday I introduced the solids. We talked about the types of surfaces (such as curved, flat, points, etc.) I passed around the solids so they could touch them having say the name of the solid as they did so. Then we sorted pictures by the type of solid they were. I remembered this activity from my days in a Montessori classroom. I downloaded this activity from Montessori for Everyone for $5. I knew it would take me a long time to create, and I wanted high quality real world photographs.

We later played a game with the cards. Students would draw a card and then say the solid name . I may turn the photographs into a Smartboard file for sorting that way as well. These cards are now in the math center for independent practice.

The next day we made the solids out of Playdough.

 We also made a chart about the solids.  Finally we went on a shape hunt around the building. They really enjoyed this and got very creative in their finds. The kiddos held up their geometric solids in from of their finds and I took pictures with out classroom iPod Touch.

In my other groups we played several money games that I purchased from Cara Carrol on TPT called The Great Coin Collection. I highly recommend. To reinforce, I made this little center to practice counting coins. Setup is super simple. I put actual money into eight different baggies. I like to use actual money when possible. Plastic coins can be inconsistent in their appearance and can confuse my little learners. I tell the kids that I know how much money is in the baggies, so I have not had any problems with kids taking it. I labeled the baggies 1-8. The kiddos count the amount in each baggie and record their answer on the correct pig. They thought it was so cool that they were counting actual money (and so did I).

Monday, April 4, 2011

Splish Splash

Some of my firsties were working on three letter blends (spr, str, scr, spl to be exact.)  I created a word/picture match with a recording sheet to reinforce.  Click the image below to download the activity. Simply print, laminate for durability and cut out. Have students match the blend word to the correct picture.When finished, have students complete the corresponding recording sheet.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ar Pirate Center

I whipped up this simple center to reinforce the ar sound. Student match the ar word to the ar picture. I always tell my students that ar is the pirate sound, so these adorable graphics seemed like the perfect companion. A recording sheet is included.


Thursday, March 31, 2011

Long I Sort

Sarah Cooley on her blog First Grader at Last long i sorting activity that she made with scrapbook paper and McDonalds french fry boxes. That inspired me to make this little center because 1. I am OC and thought that the fry boxes would be tricky for me to store neatly and 2. I could share this reproducible activity with you. I fully admit that her activity is cuter, but I hope you can find it in your heart to enjoy it anyway. Happy Thursday everyone!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Win Win

My kiddos are always begging me to read to the class. They like sitting in my rocker and having all eyes on them. But this can be hard to manage. I don't want to require anyone to do it, but I also wanna be fair to those who do. So I thought that I would use this as a motivational tool.  I sometimes have a hard time getting homework turned in on time in the morning. It has to travel from me, back to their gen ed teacher, make it in their back back, go home, be completed, make it back to school, and THEN they have to remember to bring it from their regular classroom back to me first thing in the morning. Pretty complicated. I already use a sticker chart for motivation, but I will add this to the mix. Hopefully it will encourage them to bring their homework back AND get them to practice reading fluently. Win, win.

 Here is the read to the class ticket.

I also made a few other reward certificates. 


Give one to your little cuties to make their day.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chillin With My Gnomies

So I was looking for an excuse to use this adorable gnome clip art. Some of my first graders are ready for the long o and silent e pattern, so I whipped this little baby up for extra practice. I realize that most first grade teachers are way past this point in their phonics/reading curriculum, but since I teach special ed I am not always on the same page as everyone else. Differentiation is the name of the game. Sooooo, if you are as enamored with these little cuties as I am, feel free to print and save for next year.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ordering Two Digit Numbers

 So I am taking a stab at posting my first resource. It's a little PDF I created for a math center. Just print on card stock, laminate and cut out. Students will sort the cards by animal and then order each set of three cards  from least to greatest or greatest to least (teacher's choice) and then record their work on the recording sheet.