Sunday, August 28, 2011

Early Math Freebie

 Why am I sitting on my couch this beautiful Sunday morning instead of sitting in church with my hubby? I'm not feeling my best this morning. You see, I am training for a 5k race using the Couch to 5k Running Program. This program is supposed to get you off your couch and running a 5k in 9 weeks; I'm in week six. The program starts with interval training (alternating running and walking.)

Thursday morning it had me running 8 minutes without stopping, but Saturday it jumps to 2 miles or 20 minutes! I was a little nervous as I have never even run a mile without stopping (even when I was in high school sports.) Surprisingly I ran for a solid 20 minutes without keeling over, however that turned out to be only 1.8 miles. I was a little disappointed that I didn't complete the full 2 miles, so I decided to try again this morning. BIG MISTAKE. The program states not to run outside of the training schedule, but of course I knew better. (My body, however, did not.)  I got dizzy and light headed. I just felt week all over. I came home, and instead of getting ready for church I plopped down on the couch and started blogging.

So I made this apple seed numeral match game that is appropriate for kindergarten or some of your lower firsties. Feel free to use it if you can.



Keys4Education said...

Heather - love this cute activity! So adorable! Thanks so much for the freebie. PS. sorry to hear about your morning. I give you sooooo much credit for training for the 5k! Wow!


Hadar said...

Very cute! Hope you are feeling better! I really really dislike that dizzy light-headed feeling!

Amber Unger said...

Wow! I am impressed. Not feeling well and still doing work? You go girl! I hope you are feeling better by now. Thanks for sharing the freebie. It's oh-so-cute and totally useful.

Brittany said...

Super cute! This is a perfect little game for my math stations right now! Thank you for sharing! Hope you feel better soon!
A Day in First Grade

Heather Unger said...

Thanks for all of the well wishes, everyone. I am feeling much better.

Lauren Blackmon said...

I'm doing couch to 5k too. I am not as far as you but thanks for the heads up. Very cute center.
Come share with me!

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