Friday, February 22, 2013

February Top 5 & Freebie Motherload

Things have been going well. Does anyone else get a little nervous when things go too well. Rather than wait for the other shoe to drop I thought it may be a better use of my time to share the five best things from this month.

5. Dental Health: So I've always avoided dental health in my little resource room. I assumed that the kids wouldn't find the topic interesting and that I wouldn't be providing any new information. I was wrong. (My husband has been waiting years to hear those words!) Many students did not know that they should brush their teeth before coming to school and going to bed. Most had family members with missing teeth.  I was so glad that we talked  about it. Plus, we were able to make this cute little craft to go with our writing. Adorable!

(Photo courtesy of Lesson Plan Diva)

4. We have masted addition (cue the halleluiah choir) and are working on mastery of subtraction Please enjoy this pirate themed subtraction game to play with your scallywags. Students take turns drawing subtraction cards. If they get it correct, they keep the card. There are also action cards mixed in (lose a turn, take a card from a friend, etc.) Play as long as time allows. The child with the most at the end of play wins.

3. Things are smooth sailing with my student with autism. He is finding his routine and we thoroughly enjoy having him. I have grown very attached to him in such a short period of time. He calls me Unger. So cute!

2. I had the best Valentine's Day ever. My husband, who is pretty much the best person I know, surprised me with concert tickets to see my favorite band The Avett Brothers. Does anyone else know them?  They just happened to be playing three hours away on Valentines Day. It was a late night, but so very worth being tired the next day.

As far as school goes, I made the superdy-duper-cutest Valentines Day noun/verb/adjective sort. I'm feeling givey (pretty sure that's not really a word) so click below to grab your copy to stash away for next year.
 1. Only twenty days until Spring Break, and I'm going to see Mickey Mouse with my bestie from work and our families.

So, what's the best thing that's happened to you lately?


Jenn Bates said...

Thanks for the terrific shares, Heather! What a sweet husband you have!
Finally in First

Rikki said...

Your husband is so sweet! I love the frog freebies. The marshmellow teeth are terrific.

The Hive

Heidi Foster said...

Love these freebies. Thank you for sharing.

RIAZ UDDIN said...

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Soua said...

Thank you so much for the freebies! I can't wait to do the pirate subtraction in my classroom. I know the boys will love it!

Heather said...

Thank you for the great freebie. I will be using it next year for sure. I am your newest follower!

Heather said...

I used it this week (better late than never) and my students loved it! I shared a link to your blog on my post. Check out my pictures of students using your great Frogs and Kisses packet. Thank you so much for sharing!

Miss Elliott said...

Thank you for the scallywag subtraction! Looking forward to using them with my kiddies :)


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