Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Can't Be Trusted (at Target)

Stopped into Target today to pick up a few necessities, and I walked out with this glorious collection from the Dollar Spot.

What? Six table top pocket charts aren't a necessity? Well at $2.50 each, it sure felt like they were. Check out my other spoils.
Dr. Seuss buttons for $1 a package! I'll enjoy pulling these out in March for Dr. Seuss' birthday.
Dr. Seuss erasers, pencils and notebooks for $1. I can add these to my prize box.
Time and Alphabet Bingo for $1 each.
Number stamps for $2.50. I liked these because they are traceable.   
Book bins for $2.50. I use these to organize my centers for independent work time. 
I use these paper trays to organize my small group lessons and materials. I have always wanted to purchase more, but they are $5 a piece from Lakeshore. I got these for $2.50 each. SOLD!

This week I am going to work on some apple themed freebies for ya! As a resource teacher, I have several grade levels and a WIDE range of abilities. I have two first grade gals coming to me this year that are currently at the preschool/early K level. Most of my resources are geared toward first and second grades, so I know that I'll be creating lots o' resources (and perusing many kindergarten blogs) to help meet their needs. I can't wait to get started so that I can share them with you guys!


Courtney said...

I'm dangerous at Target too. I love the dollar spot but I know I buy stuff I don't need. How can you pass it up for $1 or $2.50? I bought the same Dr. Seuss stuff and the book bins. I just hope I remember that I bought the Dr. Seuss stuff in March. Love your blog!

Swimming into Second

Mrs. Shepherd said...

I've been stalking my Target trying to find the tabletop anchor chart with no luck! Never thought about using those trays for group work.

Thanks for the ideas. I am now a follower or your blog.

Mrs. Shepherd

Gigi said...

Love your blog! I also love targets dollar section. I have not seen those number stamps. I love them! Thank you for the ideas on how to use the containers.

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