Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Chillin With My Gnomies

So I was looking for an excuse to use this adorable gnome clip art. Some of my first graders are ready for the long o and silent e pattern, so I whipped this little baby up for extra practice. I realize that most first grade teachers are way past this point in their phonics/reading curriculum, but since I teach special ed I am not always on the same page as everyone else. Differentiation is the name of the game. Sooooo, if you are as enamored with these little cuties as I am, feel free to print and save for next year.


Sass Class said...

We are in the same place!!! I love this game but I can't get the words. All the pix come thru fine but not the print. DANG!!!

Heather Unger said...

I'll check it out and fix it up for you.Thanks for letting me know.


Heather Unger said...

Sass, you need to click on the words under the picture to get to the file. Hope this helps.

Jess said...

If you still can't get it make sure you save it to your desktop and open it with adobe reader. Also make sure you have update your adobe. It should work then.

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